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 Sales representative, country manager in Ukraine

Киев, Киевская область |
Додано: 21 квітня, в 15:42
Переглядів: 133
Номер оголошення: 12418
Тип оголошення: Пропоную

If you are looking for a trade representative or a manager in Ukraine, I can be at your service. I can help you to create and develop business in Ukraine, find business partners, dealers, buyers or suppliers. I can represent your interests in Ukraine and administrate your business for you. I’m a licenced advocate, so I can also provide legal support. I’ve got 14 years of legal practice and have an experience in developing of my own business in a sphere of jurisprudence. Right now I’m specialized in legal support of business activities. If you are interested in cooperation with me, contact me in Viber: +380970707287.

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Строитель в Латвию


13 березеня, в 17:31
36 000 грн.

Trade representative, manager in Ukraine

Бізнес пропозиції

3 квітня, в 13:19
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Рекрутер, менеджер по персоналу

Управлін. персоналом, HR

30 березеня, в 18:11
500 грн.

Recruiter, HR manager in Ukraine

Бізнес пропозиції

21 квітня, в 15:33
2 700 грн.

Фасадчик в Латвию


13 березеня, в 17:29
36 000 грн.

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